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  • Boca Raton Educational Article of the Month - What Is the Best Bait to Trap Wild Animal?

What Is the Best Bait to Trap Wild Animal?

When it comes to trapping wild Boca Raton animals which is one of the most effective control measures, the problem is to know the right bait for the trap. You will find it difficult luring a wild animal to your trap if you do not use right baiting method and alluring item for your baiting. It is important for you to know that the item you use to bait opossum may not be effective for rabbit. For that reason, you must find out the animal you want to trap before deciding on the possible bait to use for the trap. You will learn about baits for Florida opossum, raccoons, rabbits and rats on this article.

The Best Bait You Need To Trap Rat
Rats are quite sensitive and smart which made it difficult getting lured to trap. You will even find it more difficult if you use some unattractive items to bait your trap as Boca Raton rat. So, for effective baiting of rat trap you need to use some of these items: Peanut butter, dried fruits, crayfish, fish and others. The possibility of catching rat in your trap will increase if you make use of any of these items for your trap baiting.

Bait Florida Opossum Trap with These Items
Opossum is a cute looking wild animal that can cause serious damage to home and property. They are always attracted to areas with canned pet foods, fish and even apples. For that reason, if you have apple tree in your garden or always scatter can pet food in your compound you should always expect Boca Raton opossum. That is why you can equally trap the animal just by using any of the aforementioned items as to bait them to trap.

The Right Bait for Your Rabbit Trap
Rabbit can easily be attracted to your trap in the winter season when you use bait it with item that does not contain water. So, you can make use of dehydrated apple or even alfalfa. But, in the warmer month, you can lure a Boca Raton rabbit to your trap using veggies or fruits such as carrots or apples as your bait.

The Right Kind of Bait for Your Raccoon Trap
Raccoons can easily be attracted to any trap baited with watermelon or even marshmallows. These are known as the favorite foods to Florida raccoons and they can easily get attracted to your garden when you have any of the aforesaid in it. You can also use the bait listed here for other animals that eat similar things like the ones mentioned here.

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