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  • Boca Raton Educational Article of the Month - Do More Squirrels Live In The Urban Areas, Or Wild Areas?

Do More Squirrels Live In The Urban Areas, Or Wild Areas?

Do More Squirrels Live In The Urban Areas, Or Wild Areas?

Do more squirrels live in the urban Boca Raton areas, or in the wild is the question most people in the United States often ask. This is due to high population of squirrels in most famous cities in the United States today contrary to what it used to be in the past. The truth is that squirrels have learnt to adapt with human and do not even get much scared about the presence of human in most urban areas. The laws against killing of squirrels and other wild animals can be linked to be among the reasons why there are more squirrels in the urban Florida areas than in the wild this day.

Adaptation of Squirrel to Human Foods
Honestly, squirrel is a wild Florida animal known to be in existence for more than 50 million years. There long existence has made most species like the tree and ground burrowing squirrels to get used to human activities. Today, squirrels can eat different kinds of human foods and even know to survive longer while living close to human than when it is in the wild.

The Reason Why There Are More Squirrel in the Urban Than In the Wild
The truth is that squirrels always visit places with more food supply. They like to feed on berries, nuts, fresh vegetable and others. For that reason, due to the much human activities in the urban areas which normally result to dumping of left over foods, squirrel now prefer to live more in the urban where it will have more food supply than in the wild. That is the reason why you can find squirrel in your trash can and even in the dumpster searching for left of foods.

The Legislation against Killing Squirrels
In some parts of the United States, some Boca Raton squirrel species are preserved and against the law to kill them. For that reason, squirrel knowing that they are not going to be killed while in the urban areas will relocate down to such places. This has contributed to the reason why you can find heaps of squirrels dancing on tress and roofs in the urban areas than in the Florida wild.

Squirrels Feed On Variety of Foods
If squirrel visit your Boca Raton home and find its way to the kitchen, it can eat the leftover foods you have on the ground and can even try to eat from your pot if you do not put it inside cupboard. They can feed, on different kinds of frights and nuts making them easily attracted to Florida homes in the urban areas.

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