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  • Boca Raton Educational Article of the Month - What is raccoon roundworm?

What is raccoon roundworm?

What is raccoon roundworm?

You do not know that Florida raccoons have roundworms? Yes, this is a special kind of worm, which is bred in the feces of the raccoons. When you touch the feces or urine without protective clothing, you shall have the eggs get in your body and this shall lead to a series of diseases. Some of the symptoms of having the eggs in your body include:
• Coma
• lack of vision
• lack of coordination
• loss of muscle control

Avoid contact with feces and urine
When it comes to cleaning the urine, and feces of Boca Raton raccoons after they have left the nest, or you have relied on services of a rehabilitator, you should seek guidance on the cleaning process. Many people forget that raccoons carry eggs, which are dangerous and deadly to the human system. You need to avoid direct contact with feces, and urine at all costs. It is highly advisable to seek professional cleaning solutions of feces and urine of Florida raccoons.

Rely on professional rehabilitators
It is not easy for many people to eliminate raccoons in their Boca Raton homes. Some people want to clear the raccoons from the attic, or the porch, and this means stepping or touching urine and feces. If you lack proper training, you shall not avoid stepping on them and this usually happens when you lack protective clothing. You now have the chance of relying on a professional rehabilitator and you shall end up getting quality results.

Seek immediate medical attention
You need to seek medical attention when you touch feces, and urine of Florida raccoons. Many people will accidentally step on them, or touch them when cleaning, or clearing the dustbin. If you do not seek medical attention, the eggs, shall go into your system. At times, you will notice some issues like lack of vision, poor coordination, or pain in the muscles. These are common signs that you have the egg in your system. Instant medication is the only way to eliminate the deadly threats from occurring.

Go for regular checkups
At times, the worms may not have the impact instantly in your body. The eggs, shall remain in the system and keep on multiplying. In some people, the effects occur immediately, but this is not the case in some other people. The worms shall remain hidden in the system, and once it does, you shall have a series of diseases. However, if you go for regular checkups, the doctors shall detect the issue and have it sorted before causing damage.

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