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  • Boca Raton Educational Article of the Month - How to find and remove a dead house mouse

How to find and remove a dead house mouse

How to find and remove a dead house mouse

It can be a terrible inconvenience when trying to locate and remove dead house mice on your Boca Raton property or residence. For one thing, it can be very hard to locate them and it is an awful chore to try and dispose them. However, before you endeavor to try and do all of these things, here are some tips and tricks that you should know:

Reasons why there are mice in the house
There are several reasons why there are mice inside your Florida residence and these being:
• They are looking for food
• They are need of a water source
• They plan to make their shelter (a nest or den)

Signs of a dead mouse
You should be aware of the several signs of a dead mouse found in your Boca Raton house somewhere. The mouse or mice could be hidden away somewhere which may cause even greater problems for you so looking out for signs may inevitably help in your search:
• A strong smell or odor of decay. It is good to check behind large furniture and items such as fridges, cabinets, etc.
• A large number of blowflies in the area. Blowflies is identified by their metallic blue or green colors. Also other insects (like ants) can help you find the location of a dead mouse.

Safety precautions
In case you do happen to stumble upon a dead Florida mouse, you must refrain from picking it up with your bare hands. If you DO have to pick it up in order to remove it from the area, you need to use water-resistant gloves when doing so. It is also unsafe to touch mice feces or the materials that compose the Boca Raton mouse's nest as these can be rife with disease.

Removal procedures
It is advised that you spray the Boca Raton area where it was found with disinfectants as well as the rodent itself and the surrounding areas before you attempt to move it. Place the dead mouse (or mice) inside trash bags as well as the rodent's feces and nests. Tie the bags tightly so that they do not fall out unnecessarily. And most important of all, do not delay disposing all of these immediately!

Hopefully, these tips and tricks were able to enlighten you with your concerns of how to locate and removing dead house mice. The most important thing to remember is to proceed with cause. Always have your safety and the safety of those living inside the house as your main priority.

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